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The Art on the Gogh team has expanded since launching in 2021. With artists from various artistic backgrounds, we've come together to create a team who are passionate about sharing their skills, talents and passions of visual arts. Most importantly, in a fun and relaxed way!

Read on to find out more about artists at Sydney's #1 mobile paint and sip!


Sharing her passion of teaching and art, she'll bring lightness and humour whilst creating your masterpiece.

Why do you love working for Art on the Gogh?

"The one thing I can confidently say that makes Art on the Gogh so enjoyable is seeing people's reactions go from "I can not paint that to "I can't believe I painted that!"


Marwa is a passionate creative and women’s advocate who loves to empower the community through arts. She enjoys sharing her expertise of graphic designing, Screen and Media, Photography, Painting and music with the wider community!

Why do you love working for Art on the Gogh?

"I love sharing my passion of arts with the wider community, meeting new people and getting creative in a fun and relaxed environment."


Cleo is obsessed with art and its power to alleviate stress and boost your confidence! You’ll be amazed at what you can create with some great guidance and a good glass of wine.

Why do you love working for Art on the Gogh?

"I love encouraging people to be confident and unleash their inner artist! A lot of adults have not painted since primary school, so I love how nostalgic everyone gets!"


Hayley is a ball of creative sunshine! With experience across graphic designing, fine arts, photography and jewellery making, Hayley is sure to get you in the right mood to be the next Van Gogh.

Have a particular artist you want to host your next paint and sip session?


Art on the Gogh

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