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DO’s and DON’T’s of a paint and sip

Is this your first time Art on the Gogh-ing? If so, welcome!

We know it can feel daunting to experience something new. Picking up a paintbrush after years off or for the very first time is like a baby learning to walk or crawl. The great thing is, we're in this together!

With our expert artist, we guide you through a step by step guided paint session to paint your very own masterpiece! With our specially curated groovy playlist and liquid encouragement, you're sure to have an artsy time!

To ease you into your first paint and sip, we've created our do's and don'ts before attending your first paint and sip.


Don’t be a perfectionist

Do Allow your artwork to dry between steps

Although acrylic paint dries within minutes, give yourself enough time for layers to dry in between steps. You wouldn't want to mess up the results of your hard work, would you?


Don’t drench your artwork with water

Do have a balance of water and paint

Avoid the disastrous water drips on your canvas! Acrylic paints have a soft and fluid consistency, and allows us to easily apply paint to canvas, with quick drying time. Mixing water in with the paints will assist by gliding the paint across the canvas.


Don’t overdo it!

Do take a step back and appreciate the artistic process!

Less is more! When you’re content with the outcome of each step, take a step back and view your artwork from a different perspective.


Don’t overfill your paint palette

Do squeeze enough paint and leave enough space.

Don’t panic, we have more than enough paint to go around! So when squeezing paint onto your paint palette, leave enough space for colour mixing!

Are you ready to experience Art on the Gogh for yourself?


Art on the Gogh

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