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5 Mistakes you probably make during a paint and sip…

1. Forgetting to do the ‘sip’ part of the paint and sip.

We’re not just paint instructors, we’re also your friendly peer pressure who’ll give you a nudge or two to sip on your glass of wine! When booking your mobile paint and sip session, pair your Art on the Gogh experience with your favourite bevvy - perhaps thats a cold one, or a glass of champers. Maybe you're keen on going all out with a cocktail station!

2. Sipping too much during a paint and sip.

Oh dear… sometimes the alcohol has hit earlier than expected! These type of painters often have the most creative artworks at the end of a session.

3. Too nervous to start the first step.

Yes, painting can be scary. Really… doing anything for the first time is scary. We usually tell our customers that the first step is just the skeleton to the artwork and once you’ve surpassed the first step, everything else will be easy breezy!

4. Too much water!

Not the dreadful water dripping down your canvas!

If you’ve been to our paint and sips, we often chant ‘the wetter the better!’ But sometimes, too wet isn't better! Acrylic paints have a soft and fluid consistency, and allows us to easily apply paint to canvas, with quick drying time. Mixing water in with the paints will assist by gliding the paint across the canvas.

5️. Wearing white to a paint and sip.

You’ve got balls wearing white whilst painting! Although we do provide aprons during our sessions, we can’t guarantee that a splodge of paint may find its way to your clothing! Don’t panic, acrylic paint will often wash out immediately with water!

All jokes aside, there is no right or wrong way to participate in a paint and sip! Perhaps it's your turn to experience Art on the Gogh for yourself!


Art on the Gogh

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