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#1 - You need to be a pro to join our sessions

False! Regardless of the last time you’ve picked up a paintbrush, whether it was yesterday, last year or never… our sessions are taught and catered for all abilities.

As a curious person that I am, I often love to ask our customers when the last time they painted was. Not to my surprise, most people say years ago. Some have not picked up a paintbrush since they were 8 years old. Although this may surprise you, I see this as an opportunity to recreate the love of creativity and tapping into the inner child.

Really, it's the "A-ha!" moment that we strive for... the "this turned out better than I expected" and the "I can't believe I created this."

#2 - You must drink alcohol to release the inner artist

I won’t deny that having liquid encouragement helps most loosen up and release their inner Van Gogh. However, you don’t need to indulge in alcohol in order to paint a few strokes here and there and create your masterpiece.

#3 - Your finished artwork must look like the instructors'

There's no such thing as one size fits all right? So why are we so harsh on ourselves when it comes to creating our own masterpiece. As Sydney's leading Mobile Paint and Sip, we encourage creativity and uniqueness when painting your artworks. The experience itself is what matters most and allowing yourself to be immersed in the process all you need.

Bonus is creating that masterpiece to be proudly hung up in your space!


Art on the Gogh

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