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Team Bonding


Book your next team bonding experience with us! 


In today’s busy workplace, it’s often challenging to find new ways to have a few laughs with our coworkers.

At Art on the Gogh, we help you not only to plan ahead for your creative team bonding experience but also to have a good time and bond with your team.  So, if your team is down in the dumps, or maybe they just deserve a reward for all the hard work they do, hold a team building event at Art on the Gogh. It’s a tonne of fun for people of all ages and abilities.

Big or small, we accomodate from a minimum of 6 people to up to 80 people at one time. How does this work, you may ask? With 4 artists here at Art on the Gogh, we are able to station artists in the space of your venue to ensure all participants have an easy viewing to our step-by-step guided session. 

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